How To Make Missionary Sex Better According To 13 Guys

Looking to spice up your time in the bedroom? We've got some expert advice from 13 guys who are sharing their top tips for taking missionary sex to the next level. From communication to trying new positions, these tips are sure to help you and your partner have a more fulfilling experience. Check out the full list of tips to improve your sex life at this website and start incorporating them into your routine tonight!

Missionary sex is a classic position that has stood the test of time for a reason - it’s intimate, versatile, and allows for deep penetration. But just because it’s a tried and true favorite doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. We spoke to 13 guys to get their expert tips on how to make missionary sex even better.

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Setting the Mood

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Before getting down to business, it’s important to set the mood for an enjoyable experience. One of the guys we spoke to emphasized the importance of lighting, suggesting using candles or dimming the lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Another suggested playing soft music to help create a sensual ambiance. Setting the mood can help both partners relax and feel more connected during missionary sex.

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Foreplay is key to making missionary sex more enjoyable for both partners. One guy we interviewed stressed the importance of taking time with foreplay to build anticipation and increase arousal. Whether it’s kissing, touching, or oral sex, taking the time to warm up before getting into the missionary position can make the experience more satisfying for both partners.


Communication is essential for a satisfying sexual experience, and missionary sex is no exception. One of the guys we spoke to emphasized the importance of vocalizing desires and preferences during missionary sex. Whether it’s asking for more pressure, a change in speed, or a shift in position, clear communication can help ensure that both partners are enjoying themselves.


While missionary sex may seem straightforward, there are actually many variations that can make the position more exciting. One guy we interviewed suggested experimenting with different leg positions, such as wrapping the legs around the partner’s waist or placing them on their shoulders. Another suggested incorporating props, such as pillows, to change the angle and depth of penetration. Variations can help keep missionary sex fresh and exciting for both partners.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact during missionary sex can enhance the intimacy of the experience. One of the guys we spoke to emphasized the power of eye contact in missionary sex, noting that it can help partners feel more connected and engaged with each other. Making eye contact can also help partners gauge each other’s enjoyment and make adjustments to ensure a pleasurable experience for both.

Focus on Pleasure

Ultimately, the goal of missionary sex should be to prioritize pleasure for both partners. One guy we interviewed stressed the importance of focusing on mutual pleasure and satisfaction during missionary sex. Whether it’s through oral sex, manual stimulation, or incorporating sex toys, the focus should be on ensuring that both partners are enjoying themselves.


Missionary sex is a classic position that can be made even better with the right approach. By setting the mood, prioritizing foreplay, communicating desires, experimenting with variations, maintaining eye contact, and focusing on mutual pleasure, missionary sex can become a more enjoyable and satisfying experience for both partners. So next time you find yourself in the missionary position, keep these expert tips in mind to take your experience to the next level.